Your reliable surgical set serviceYour reliable surgical set service

Are you a manufacturer or a distributor of medical devices? – Then increase your customer loyalty through the additional supply of individual surgical sets made in MSS.

You and your customer, have just to select the contents of your set, we will take care of the entire process, from the procurement to the production, including the warehousing and the direct delivery to the end-user.

You will benefit from our longstanding experience in the field of Ophthalmology, as well as for other medical fields.

You will be positively surprised by our short time production time and varieties of drapes and cover systems.

Benefits MSS surgical sets

– The user-friendly system for choosing components, quality and lay-out of your set;
– Several choices of drapes, towels, surgical gowns, syringes, swabs, infusion lines, cannulas;
– We provide surgical drapes systems with the maximum flexibility and operational reliability for features and handling;
– We provide Warehousing and logistics;
– Reliable delivery time to your end-user;
– We can provide necessary certifications of OEM manufacturing;
– Label design based on your specifications;